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Nineteen years ago, after graduating in Architecture, I worked for 12 years with reputed architect firms and top construction companies. In 2015 I started on my own, thus began my entrepreneurial journey. And today, I have an independent office in Solus in Hiranandani Business Park in the neighbourhood of major league organizations like Bayer and TCS. I am planning and designing buildings to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Nearly two decades of experience has exposed me to an extensive range of projects, from architecture concept design to interior design projects, and a plethora of opportunities of coordinating with various consultants and collaborators across various cities. My projects cover residential, hospitality, office, commercial, educational, hospitals, etc. I also specialize in redesigning existing constructions for many redevelopment projects across Mumbai city.

Every project, site and client has a story to tell! Stories that start with ideas and dreams and turn into reality!!. After receiving an order, my creative spark gets ignited, and I won’t rest on my oars until the project is delivered.
It’s said that in this Covid pandemic, the safest place called ‘Home’ is created by an Architect, and for ages, it’s said that the best health remedies are home remedies. This drove me to explore new avenues in the area of health remedies.

As I mentioned above- I am an Architect by profession and working since last 20 years in commercial, residential and high rise building designs. The last year’s Covid-19 pandemic made me realize the importance of health. For happy and healthy living, we need to balance Body, Mind & Soul. When any one of these three is out of sync, we are in a state of turmoil and unease.

During the pandemic, the most affected were the working moms who were on the brink of burnout, hopping from the kitchen to Zoom meetings to kiddo’s online classes, taking care of elders at home and shouldering the burden of managing the household chores in the absence of domestic help. All these have taken a toll on the physical and mental health of many women. I was no exception. Due to over- exertion, my health went for a toss. Troubled by crippling back and heel pain, I approached a doctor who advised me to go for colour therapy and seed therapy which had a magical effect. That was a life- transforming moment for me. Having tasted pain, I thought why not support and guide other men and women who might also face similar traumatic, painful conditions? That led me to a new career in medical science called Sujok along with my Architecture practise. I have done Basic and Advanced Level Sujok courses from International Sujok Acadamy and since then started practicing.

Sujok is a Korean therapy that includes acupressure, seed therapy, acupuncture, colour therapy, twist therapy, magnet therapy, moxa, direction therapy, smile mudra meditation, marma therapy and many other modalities of treatments. There is probably no other natural healing method to alleviate pain, even acute pain, than SuJok therapy. It works on physical and Metaphysical disorders; moreover, it is safe and does not have any side effects.


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